I made this iOS widget because, I’m a YouTuber, and I wanted a visual way on my phone to motivate myself and reach my goals.
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Being a YouTuber isn’t easy.

It starts with getting over your fears of getting in front of the camera. Then making like a million takes to get it exactly the way you had rehearsed it in your head. You then have to relive each moment in editing until you’ve sequenced together a version of the story you’re happy to share with the world. And finally, you upload and publish your video for every one to discover and share in your story.

While this widget won’t do the hard work of creating and publishing videos for you, it’ll remind you that your stories are resonating with others—your audience.

What does it look like?
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"Looks cool, but I've got questions."
Well, I've got answers for you!

🤔 How does it work?

🤓 The widget is made possible by Scriptable and is written in JavaScript. It makes use of YouTube’s API to grab stats from your channel like subscribers and view count.

🤔 That sounds kind of technical...

🤓 No worries! I've created a step-by-step instruction that you'll get when you purchase the widget. It'll tell you exactly what you'll need to do to get your own widget on your Home Screen.

Don’t believe me? Check out the article on how to add the free version of this widget first.

🤔 I’ve seen your article and it shows me how to add a YouTube widget on my Home Screen for free, why would I pay for this?!

🤓 That's an excellent question! I hope you're enjoying the free version of the YouTube widget.

The reason I created this paid version is that, I wanted to give YouTubers like myself the opportunity to take the widget and customize it even more to fit their brand.

Feel free to use Scriptable’s excellent document and figure out how to add a custom icon and background yourself. But, if you’d rather get back to spending your time making more videos, buy this one.

By paying for this version—which shows you how to also add a logo and background—I’ve taken care of all the hard parts and it allows me to provide support to you if you get stuck.

🤔 Hmmm sounds good, but can I see more examples?

You sure can! Here is a screenshot with widgets customized for a few YouTubers whose work I admire. These aren't official, just examples of what is possible with this widget.

Widgets for Ali Abdaal, MKBHD and Casey Neistat

🤔 I just have one more question for you, where can I get my own widget?

🤓 Great question! Click the button below 👇

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