I’m currently in:

Düsseldorf, Germany visiting family.

I’m currently making:

TinyWins — I’ve been working on a todo app for the past couple of months. I’m finishing up a major feature and hope to bring on a few more beta testers in the next few weeks. If you’re interested in a simple todo app with personality, let me know.

I’m currently reading:

Will It Fly — I’ve been following Pat Flynn’s work for some time. I’ve read the first chapter and really enjoy it’s approach to business. First seeing if the business is a good fit for the future you envision.

I’m currently playing:

Crashlands — I first learned about Crashlands from TouchArcade’s story about Sam Coster, one of Crashlands’ maker and how the idea was birthed during his fight with cancer. I gifted it to myself for Christmas and have been enjoying a lot.

Crashlands is an adventure-crafting RPG with a vast open-world. It is similar to games like Don’t Starve and Junk Jack, but what really sets it apart and keeps me engrossed are its characters and story. Both of which I believe are missing from the latter mentioned titles.

I also thought a lot of the game mechanics were really well thought out. Such as a never-ending torch, teleportation system, infinite inventory and trackable crafting recipes. I definitely think it deserved to be TouchArcade’s Game of the Year for 2016.

I’m currently feeling:

Excited for my son’s upcoming Lego-themed birthday :)

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