Picture of Michael Lee
:wave: Hey hey, I'm @michaelsoolee! I'm a dad and maker of digital and software products.


Hey hey! I’m Michael, husband and dad from North Carolina.

I enjoy making things digital and software products for people — things that delight, makes you smile and bring value to people.

Let’s connect

You can find me on Twitter as @michaelsoolee.

Things I’ve made

  • @year_left - A Twitter bot that tells you how much time you have left in the year
  • Spell It Out - Spelling out tech acronyms so you can be in the know
  • iOS iMessage Stickers Icon Sketch Template - An organized Sketch template to help you create all the icon sizes needed for Xcode of your iMessage sticker pack
  • Open Hours - A JavaScript plugin that generates hours of operation for your business
  • ntbk - A simple, command-line, journaling tool written in JavaScript and Node.js