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:wave: Hey hey, I'm @michaelsoolee! I'm a full-stack developer, maker of one too many side projects and dad.


Here are a few products I've made for you:

Automated Apple App Icons Figma Template

This Figma template is for those who want to save time and generate all the app icon sizes they'll need for iOS, watchOS and macOS by setting a single frame in this template for each device. Each size is based on Apple's Human Interface Guidelines.

Apple App Icons Figma Template

This Figma template was meticulously crafted based on Apple's Human Interface Guidelines for each Apple device. There's a page for each device each with frames for the varying icon sizes that Xcode requires when creating app icons for iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS.

Products my friends have made that I've personally bought and think it would help you:

Learn AWS By Using It

If you're getting started with Amazon's AWS, I can't recommend Kyle Galbraith's book enough. I purchased Kyle's book having dabbled a little in a handful of AWS' services by myself. A chapter in, I had already leveled up my knowledge of AWS because Kyle covered how to properly secure your AWS account. That tip alone was worth the price of the book.