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Here are a few products I've made for you:

Korean Foods Coloring eBook

A digital coloring book filled with 30 fun food illustrations with how-to pronounce and write their names in Korean.
Have kids? Print a page out from this coloring book and experience 13.5 minutes of silence as they draw outside the lines and learn to write in Korean.
Complete this book and the next time you're watching your favorite mukbang host on YouTube, you might know how to say the thing they are eating in Korean.
Stuck at home during a pandemic and you're tired of videoconferencing for work? Turn on some soothing music, make a cup of tea and use the pages in this coloring book to relax and unwind.

Git cheat sheets bundle

Save time with these simple, clean Git cheat sheets so you can get back to solving problems or making cool things.
This cheat sheets bundle comes with four color variations, a light, a dark version, cobolt2 and fairy floss.
The color variations are based off of the Atom text editor's One light and dark theme, Wes Bos' Cobolt2 color theme and Sailorhg's Fairy Floss color theme.