Ain't easy

Written on April 9, 2017

One of my recent pet peeves is when someone assumes something you do is easy. I admit I’ve been guilty of writing off someone’s work as easy before but when it happens to you and you know exactly how much time and work went into the thing you created, it really sucks.

I’m glad there are much smarter people than me out there who have made complex things, simple so that I can use and enjoy it. And I try not to pass off their work as easy. Because in doing so, I’m passing off the many steps that it took to get to the final product of a person’s work.

Steps like ideation, gathering materials/tools, experimenting with the various raw materials and iterating till you achieve an end result that you’re happy with. Not to mention if you’re like most creatives, you have to learn to accept your work is never complete and just put it out there. Only to have it written off as an easily achieved end result.

I’m sure if the thing that you do is done multiple times it does get easier but that’s easier because the person who is doing is moving towards mastery and becoming more efficient in their work and not that what they are doing is easy.

So I’m learning, be it the strawberry jam that I put on my toast in the morning, to the apps that I use, to the meals my wife cooks our family, to be thankful for the end results that I get to enjoy and that someone much smarter than me put in the hard work and time so that I get to enjoy the results easily.

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