My jobs before development

Written on August 16, 2018

I’m a sucker for origin stories. Stories about a series of events that has led to who someone is today.

It is an exciting time I think to be a developer. I love that through the Internet and code schools, folks from various walks of life can become a developer. While I took a more conventional route to becoming a developer by attending a CS program at a university, most of my knowledge came from outside of that experience. Through resources found online, jobs and friendships.

On top of that I think the culmination of all the odd jobs I had prior to development also attributes to who I am today and how I approach things at work.

For this reason when a few weeks ago, my Twitter buddy, Andrew Del Prete shared his jobs before development, I thought I’d share some of the jobs I had in hopes of revealing some of my origin story.

The list looks like this for jobs I had before development:

  • cashier for clothing store
  • jewelry sales person
  • shoe sales person
  • valet driver
  • bandai toys sales person
  • wedding photographer
  • cnc operator
  • tutor
  • bestbuy sales person
  • administrator for baby photog

While the only common factor between these jobs is me, I can honestly say working these jobs before development has somehow or another contributed to the set of skills that I use as a developer today.

What are some jobs you had before development? I’d love to get a glimpse of your origin story.

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