Beme: The new social media app from Casey Neistat

Written on July 17, 2015

Filmmaker, vlogger, Youtube sensation, Casey Neistat (pronounced nice-tat) just released his new social media app called, Beme. It definitely has some interesting features. One of which is how you record it. Instead of holding up your phone and recording what you see, you actually just place the phone against something and it just starts recording. I like this feature.

So many times I’ve been the photographer or a videographer of a moment instead of just being part of a moment. Beme is allowing you to do this. The app uses the proximity sensor to know when to start recording. This reminds me a lot of GoPro cameras (which I’ve personally never used before) where you just mount the camera and hit record. No framing, no focusing, just plain shoot and capture.

If you’re on Beme, add me. I can be found at msl.

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