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Blender modeling preferences

Written on May 31, 2022

If you’re starting out with modeling in Blender, here are a few preferences that will make your life easier.

These preference items are off by default in Blender, by turning them up, it should make your workflow easier and faster.

First to get to your preferences, you’ll want to go to Edit > Preferences in the menu on the top left corner.

Go to the Add-ons tab and in the top right hand corner, use the search box to find and activate these two add-ons:

  • Add Mesh: Extra Objects
  • Mesh: LoopTools

Next go to the Input tab and check the **Emulate 3 Button Mouse option. What this allows you to do is select loops by double clicking it.

Next go to the Keymap tab and check on these two options:

  • Check “Tab for Pie Menu”
  • Check “Extra Shading Pie Menu Items”

Finally, you’ll want to save your new preference settings. To do this, click on the hamburger looking icon in the bottom left hand corner of the preferences pane.

This should reveal a pop-up menu.

Then click on Save Preferences. Now you’re ready to start modeling!

If you’re new to modeling in Blender, here are a couple of excellent beginner tutorial videos to get your started.

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