The one feature that won me over to switch to Buttondown for my newsletter

Written on April 13, 2020

I have a confession to make. One of the biggest roadblocks I’ve found in writing my newsletter is that by law, newsletters must have a physical address for you in each email.

Being a father of three, privacy is important for me. While I’ve met some really great people through the Internet, I’ve also found it to be a very scary place.

That’s why every time I pushed send on my newsletter, I would be nervous because I didn’t know who on the other side would be reading it and would have the knowledge of where I worked or lived.

This past weekend, I finally made the move to Buttondown for my newsletter because it solves this very problem. One of Buttondown’s newest feature is that you can use their address in your own newsletter. This was a huge win for me!

I’m no expert in newsletter laws, but I believe the law just states that you need to be reachable via a physical address in your emails. This means that the address doesn’t need to be your home address. If you have a job that has an office, you could use your office’s address. The other popular option is a P.O. box.

I work from home, so using an office address isn’t an option for me. Having a P.O. box is a bit too costly just to maintain for my newsletter at the moment.

That’s why Buttondown providing a mailing address for their users to use, felt like a no-brainer for me to move my newsletter over. Not to mention, Buttondown’s clean interface really appealed to me because it gets out of your way and lets you focus on just writing.

While Buttondown hasn’t solved my inability to send out emails consistently, it has removed a huge mental blocker for me.

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