Open Current Directoy in a New Tab in ZSH in the Mac Terminal

Written on August 28, 2014

For my terminal I like to use the shell ZSH, specifically Oh-My-ZSH — a community-driven, open source configuration of ZSH.

One of the things I do quite often during my workflow is open up additional Terminal tabs.

For example, I may have one Terminal tab open with Sass watching my .scss files for changes and compiling on the fly as I add new style rules. While that’s happening I might want to navigate to a different folder within my project directory without having to stop Sass. It’s convenient to simply press command + t and get a new Terminal tab starting from the current directory that I was in in the previous tab where Sass is running.

Setting this up is pretty simple. Simply navigate to your .zshrc file.

Once there you’ll want to scroll down to the line that says plugins=(). I believe by default git will automatically be a plugin that’s loaded. You’ll want to load osx and terminalapp as well. So your plugins line should look like this once you’re done loading those plugins:

plugins=(git osx terminalapp)

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