Enjoying the moment

Written on October 19, 2018

Each of my kids does something that is particular to them. With my newest daughter she smiles and gives off a giggle right before she falls into sleep. It’s the cutest thing and I’ve tried my hardest to capture it on video. As she’s new I don’t know if this little thing that she does will last long and I want to capture it as a memento of this time in her life.

The other night I thought to myself it’d be nice if I had a GoPro with unlimited memory strapped to my head so I can capture these little moments in my day to day with my kids so that I can cherish them forever. But tonight as I gently rocked my new daughter to sleep she did her little smile and giggle again. As I smiled at the sight, I resisted the urge of reaching for my phone and just enjoyed the moment. I may never capture this little gesture but it will forever be engrained into my memory as a father enjoying being with his newborn daughter.

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