A better understanding of how to use Git submodules

Written on November 3, 2015

I’ve shared about Git submodules before. I recently decided to use submodules again in some projects I’m developing because I decided to fork a Sass library to use and modify for my projects’ needs.

Submodules are useful since I can essentially treat a submodule as its own repo and make changes to it separate from the project from which it is used in.

I ran across, Chris Jean’s post on git submodules and it definitely gave me a better understanding of Git submodules. If you’re interested in using it yourself, I definitely suggest checking out his article.

One thing I would like to add on top of Chris Jean’s post is the part on how to remove a submodule.

An extra step that I had to take was to go into the .git folder found in my project’s root directory. And remove folders found in the modules folder to completely remove a submodule.

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