Google Forms is neat

Written on November 18, 2018

Google Forms is a neat service provided by Google, where you can quickly set up forms and all your form submissions will collect into Google Sheet document. I’ve used the service before to set up forms for various this and tonight I spent some time setting one up for taking new conference submissions.

I’m not quite sure when this feature was implemented, but Google Forms allows you to set up multiple sections and based on certain answers to your form, you can guide the user to the various sections. I thought this was really neat because essentially, you can have some logic set up into your form which you can then use to guide the user based on their answers.

I’ve often found this as a pro feature in other form SaaSes, so when I saw that Google Forms provides this, I thought it was really nice.

Google forms sections logic

The form I had set up tonight for ConfsList, first asks for details of a conference. If there is an upcoming event for the conference, then the user will be asked to fill out additional information about the event. If there is no upcoming event, then the user will be directed to the form’s submit button. Being able to guide the user journey is powerful stuff.

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