Hello again

Written on April 7, 2017

I’ve been having the itch to write more lately. Part of it has to do with that fact that all I’ve been doing is building TinyWins and Triangle Tech Jobs aka programming lately. There have been a lot of thoughts racing in my mind that I tell myself that I should probably write down, but when faced with writing or programming, the latter is always the easier of the two to do when I’m tired and so I default to doing that.

But writing is something that I enjoy doing and it helps me record thoughts and experiences that I’m currently having. I still try to record snippets of experience in my journal via ntbk. But the constraints of ntbk limit to shorter formed writing.

If you look over the recent backlog of writings on this site, it has mostly been technical posts. Which I’ll continue to do since this site serves as a personal reference of things I’m learning. But I’d like to write on topics like connecting as humans, making things for humans and to process thoughts on the human experience. Simply put less technical, more human.

So to start this slight change in the site’s programming, I’d like to say, “Hello again”.

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