HomePod: Welcome Home

Written on April 11, 2018

Ever since I’ve came across this Apple HomePod video called, “Welcome Home” by Spike Jonze, I’ve been mesmerized by it. Mesmerized by the concept, the vibrant colors and the choreography.

I have many favorite moments from the video but two in particular.

The first is this sequence that starts at 1:34, when the room starts to expand and twist as FKA twigs, the dancer in the video dances to the song. All three, the music, the dancer and the environment are in such harmony and it’s amazing.

The second is the sequence starting at 2:40 where FKA twigs, points her hands in opposite directions and “expands” the mirror in front of her. This just tickled me as a designer because it looked as if she was using some sort of augmented reality (AR) tool that manipulates her surroundings.

Even more mesmerizing was watching the behind-the-scenes (BTS) video. Seeing the director, Spike Jonze, getting really into the choreography and getting a peek into how he operates. Watching him work, you get a blip of insight of how clear he invisions the final product and how he communicates his vision as he and his team strive to make his vision a reality.

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