How to get IFTTT to not shorten your links

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IFTTT is a service that lets you automate tasks between applications with triggers called Recipes. For example I’ve got a recipe setup so that it checks my site’s RSS feed for new items. When a new feed item is detected, IFTTT will automatically tweet the title and the link to the latest post.

One of the things that IFTTT does by default is shorten your links using their shortened domain I’m a fan of not shortening my links. It turns out you can turn off the auto shortening within your account preferences.

Simply login, go to Preferences > Settings. Then scroll down until you see URL Shortening. You should see a checkbox checked with Auto shorten URLs. Simply uncheck this and update your settings.

Screenshot of IFTTT's settings

Now everytime IFTTT shares a link on your behalf, it’ll be the non shortened version.

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