It works

Written on January 27, 2015

It feels great when something you built actually works and real people use it.

For the past few months my partner, Christopher and I have been working on CodeHive. Since launching it late last fall, we’ve been continuously making the system better. Asking ourselves and how can a feature better benefit the community we envision using CodeHive.

Well today, I got an email in my inbox and it was from CodeHive. It wasn’t one of our newsletters or a test to see if a feature worked. It was a totally unsolicited interaction from a stranger on the Internet. The email is part of a feature that we had built, which notifies users when a feedback was left for a Board. I admit it felt weird and exciting at the sametime.

The feedback was in the form of a question regarding a tip I had shared on creating a skip link using an Ember component. I left a feedback responding back to the question and also left a link to another tip I had shared previously. Upon referencing the other tip, I noticed there was another feedback I had received almost 3 months ago that I didn’t respond to.

So I used the @ mention feature we had also implemented, mentioning the user who had left the feedback. Almost immediately that user came back to CodeHive and responded back to my most recent feedback.

This was an exciting moment for me. You see, over the past few months we’ve been mulling over how to get the users we’ve got signed up on CodeHive, interacting with each other and with CodeHive itself.

Interacting with these two folks today, was not only a morale booster to keep etching away at making CodeHive better but it also shows that what we have built simply works and people are finding value in it working as they expect. Very exciting.

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