Kelli Anderson on The Great Discontent

Written on July 1, 2014

I first discovered designer, Kelli Anderson’s work in Tinybop’s app, The Human Body. Immediately I was entranced at the intricate details and animations Kelli was able to capture of the human body and its systems with paper.

Today, I stumbled across an interview of Kelli on The Great Discontent and I really enjoyed reading her journey in becoming a designer, her process when working on new projects and her interests in things other then design – like physics.

There was one particular quote by Kelli I couldn’t agree with enough and is how I’ve discovered I learn best.

People learn best when they are dropped in a foreign country and their survival depends on their learning the language. All knowledge is like this—you learn best when you need it.

I’m currently building my first iOS application and it’s a great example of Kelli’s quote. I’ve been trying to learn Objective-C and iOS programming for years. With each attempt, I would read books, go through tutorials but nothing seemed to really stick.

Having just learned some Ember.js by jumping head-first in building Tap and Click, I decided that if I want to successfully learn how to make iOS apps I would have to just build one.

The amount I learn from just diving into building an actual app is exponential. If you’re trying to learn to program, I can’t recommend enough a head-first approach.

Check out Kelli’s interview on The Great Discontent and check out Kelli’s work in Tinybop’s The Human Body app.

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