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Turn off Keychron K3 backlight

Written on August 7, 2022

One of the keyboards that I use is the Keychron K3.

It’s a nice, low-profile, slim, mechanical keyboard.

One of its many nice features is the technicolored backlight that does crazy responses when you press on a key—one of which reminds me of the water fountain shows found in Las Vegas.

While very neat, some times I find the lights to be distracting.

I could also imagine when the keyboard is being used in bluetooth mode, it contributes to the battery draining quickly.

How to turn off the backlight on the Keychron K3

It turns out you can turn off the backlight on the Keychron K3 completely.

To do this, press the fn and the light bulb key in the top right hand corner.

This should turn off the backlights on the keyboard immediately.

If you end up missing the technicolor light show, press the fn and light bulb key combination again to bring the backlights back to life immediately.

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