Joy in the Little Things

Written on June 13, 2013

This morning I immediately knew that it was going to be a good day. The air. There was something about the air that was oh so familiar and most welcoming.

I had felt this type of air before. Many days in California, early mornings in Mexico, and this morning in Raleigh, North Carolina.

It’s that type of air that is mildly warm and dry. It’s warm but not enough to break a sweat. If it becomes uncomfortable, you can simply find refuge under a tree.

It’s the type of air that feels good between your fingers as you brush it from the window of a moving car.

Stand and close your eyes when it breezes by and you’ll see colors of blue, splashing with waves of red, reminding you that the summer warmth is just around the corner of the day.

It was this air and a cyclist who donned a blue baseball helmet as he rode past me on his bike that got me to smile this morning. It is these small tokens that the day has given me, to remind me that there is joy in the little things.

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