Over 3

Written on October 15, 2015

I’ve been using an app called Over for a while now. It is a sweet photo app on iOS that allows you to overlay (you see what I did there?) text and graphics and such to your photos. Today, Over released version 3 of their app and I am stoked!

Over now has access to the free stockphoto library over at Unsplash. I think this is huge for those who are building their brand on Instagram. I save trinkets of quotes all the time and try to share them on my own Instagram account.

Before I would slave over looking through all of Unsplash’s photos, download them, load up Pixelmator, add the quote, save and then Dropbox them over to my phone and then post them on Instagram.

Now with Over 3, I just fire up the app, choose a photo, copy and paste my quote and simply share my creation over to Instagram. All within the app. That was like 3 steps vs the gajillion that I had before. Mad time saver. I’m a fan!

If you’ve never used Over before, I highly suggest you check it out!

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