Installing Nova's Command Line Tool

Written on September 20, 2020

Panic’s new text editor, Nova, is pretty sweet!

Even sweeter is that Panic shipped it with command line tool.

With the command line tool, you can use the nova command in to open files and folders in the editor.

Video of how to install Nova’s Command Line Tool

Here’s a short video of how to install Nova’s command line tool to use in

If you’d rather follow written instructions, start here.


First open up Nova’s preferences by going to Nova in the top left hand corner and select Preferences….

Install the command line tool

Select the Tools tab.

Next to the heading Command Line Tool click on the button that says, Install.

Nova's preferences

Nova will then ask you to type in your user credentials so that it can continue to install the command line tool.

Once the command line tool is installed, the Install button should now say Uninstall indicating that it’s been installed.

Running nova in should now return a list of options that could be used with Nova.

Nova's command line tool running in

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