Class notes from PyLadies Remote - Building Websites with Jekyll

Written on January 20, 2018

It truly was my pleasure to have a class on building websites with Jekyll for PyLadies remote this morning. As I hope the class helped pique interests towards static websites and more specifically, Jekyll, I’ve put together this page to help folks get started with Jekyll.

The best document for getting started and to serve as a reference for building websites with Jekyll at this moment is the official Jekyll website.

For those looking for my slides from the class, it can be found on Google Docs.

If you’ve missing the live webcast, you can find the recording of it on Youtube.

Here are a list of links to resources I mentioned in the class:

Links to projects I mentioned in the class:

Here are some links to articles I’ve written regarding Jekyll:

I wish you luck on your journey into building websites in Jekyll. If you have any questions feel free to shoot them my way on Twitter @michaelsoolee.

Thanks again to PyLadies Remote for hosting the class and thank you for attending!

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