URLs in Safari

Written on November 25, 2015

I’ve been a big fan of Google Chrome as my main web browser for a long time. Recently I had to do a clean install of OS X on my machine and as a result, I’m trying to give Safari a shot at being my main browser. Two of the features that I missed the most on Chrome are the full address in the URL bar and the little status bar at the bottom that shows you the URL of a link that you hover.

It turns out Safari has these features, just turned off by default. For those who also might find these features useful, here’s how to turn them on.

Full address in URL bar

Go to Safari > Preferences > Advanced then check the option that says Smart Search Field: Show full website address.

Go to View then select the option that says Show Status Bar or hit command + / on your keyboard.

Definitely having the options to flip these two features on is helping me ease into using Safari as my main browser.

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