Someone's one

Written on March 21, 2021

Has something you’ve seen or heard ever tug at your mind to reach out to someone you know because it reminds you of them?

You might not fully understand what you’ve seen or heard, but it reminds you of that one person.

You’re not sure how to approach that person to talk about the thing you’ve seen or heard. But you feel the need to reach out to them.

Don’t be afraid of being judged or saying the wrong thing.

Acknowledge to that person that you don’t understand what they might be going through in reaction to the thing you’ve seen or heard.

But let them know you see them. You’re there for them should they need your support.

That person might be processing things as well and might not have fully come to terms with the weight of what is going on. But simply saying you’re on their side and you see them might be just enough.

Because you might be the first or only one who’s reached out to them to say, “I’ve seen and heard what’s going on. And I thought of you. I’m struggling to find the right words, but I’m willing to be vulnerable with my struggles to simply be there in support of you”.

And to that person. That might be all they need to feel supported and to be seen. Because you were their one. You were the one person who reached out.

Be someone’s one.

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