Something different

Written on June 6, 2024

This post has been something that’s been nagging in my head for some time.

A post to talk about my desire to make changes to this site.

The reason for this is, when I first created this site it was a site to share about my life — all aspects of it.

But it evolved into a singular aspect of my life. That of a software engineer — something I relate to less these days in my life.

Becuase of this I found myself limiting the things that I created and shared on this site. Instead focusing on content for that singular aspect.

What I want to do now is sort of shift back to where things were before — to share other aspects of my life.

I’ll be making some slow changes. Changes that I’m excited about because I find it more liberating. Changes that might not resonate currently with those who follow this site via my newsletter or my RSS feed.

And I’m ok with that.

What I want to bring to the Internet through this site is something more genuine to who I am and not a version of me that I relate with less of nowadays.

To share things that I’m currently interested in such as pickleball.

I’ll probably still write a post here or there about programming because sometimes I do get the itch to dive into some code.

Aside from post topics what might change?

Well I’ve taken down the ads.

I’ll simplify the email opt-ins on my site to not include a Git cheat sheet.

We’ll see what else soon…

But for now, I’m excited to try something different.

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