Source control

Written on January 2, 2017

What do you use for source control on your personal projects?

I currently use git to source control all my personal projects. While git has become synonymous with GitHub, I only use GitHub for personal projects that are public like the source for my website and ntbk, my command line journaling app. This is because public repos on GitHub are free and most of the benefits of GitHub are its collaboration and social tools.

For private repos, I’ve come to use Amazon’s CodeCommit. I use CodeCommit, because it is free. Being the single developer of all the projects hosted on CodeCommit, it works perfect for me since the service is priced around contributors. It doesn’t have anything fancy like GitHub but that’s ok, since all I need it to do is provide hosting for my git repo. The added benefit of free is that it also keeps my costs low, so I can use resources elsewhere for my projects.

Although git is mostly known amongst developers, I know that writers (including myself) who use it for writing books and articles. I think with so many great tools now that provide a graphical layer to git, it is a really good tool to have in many folks’ tool belts.

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