Spectacle - window management for the Mac

Written on November 24, 2015

I’ve been hoping the Mac would get native window management for a very long time and finally in El Capitan it did. Unfortunately the feature is a bit shortcoming. I think it is great for uses like research, where you would have a text editor open in one-half of the screen and a browser or iBooks open in the other. But for programming tasks, I’ve found it very limiting.

I usually like to have windows open in halves (top and bottom of the screen) or quadrants. Which Mac’s window management doesn’t let you achieve this sort of management. Thankfully there are many third-party options that allow you to achieve more granular layouts. The one I’m using currently is called Spectacle, which is an open source project.

What I like about Spectacle is that it comes with predefined hotkeys and regions. At first I thought this was limiting since most management apps I’ve used in the past allowed you to define your own regions. But after looking over Spectacle’s predefined regions, I realized it has all the regions that I use in my workflow.

If you’re looking for a window management app for the Mac, I think Spectacle is worth a look. Plus it also has nice icons for both the Dock and menu bar :)

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