Speed up Ruby gem install

Written by Michael Lee on September 4, 2014

Ruby gems are awesome! But some gems take forever to install. To help speed things up, you can install the gem without including the docs. The speed gain isn’t insanely significant but it helps.

If you want to exclude the docs on a single gem install, you can type this in after your gem install gemname command:

gem install jekyll --no-ri --no-rdoc

In the example above, I’m trying to install the gem for Jekyll. By adding --no-ri --no-rdoc options the docs won’t be included with the install.

But, typing in --no-ri --no-rdoc after every gem install command is tedious you say? You can make it more permenant so that every time you use gem install the document will be excluded automatically.

To do this navigate to the ~/.gemrc file. Then add this line:

gem: --no-document
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