Sweet Spot

Written on June 27, 2014

Do you have a time during the day when you’re most creative? A time when every idea that goes whizzing around in your mind seems great?

I’ve noticed that my daily sweet spot is during my 20 minute drive to work. It’s funny because I would think this time in the morning is when my mind is most tired, but it’s actually when my mind feels clear and ideas are swirling around.

I’ve often thought to myself while driving, “I wish I had a way to jot it down and record it for later”, but I think it’s good that I haven’t found a solution. I have a tendency to not say no to a lot of my ideas, so having a huge list of them would become daunting and keep me from executing any of them.

The inability to record all my ideas forces me to choose the best one or two to act on.

Do you have a sweet spot during the day? If not, why not create one? First, think of a time during the day when your mind is most alert. Then remove all distractions so that you’re able to just focus on your thoughts. Its that simple.

If your mind is most alert in the morning during your drive to work – like me – try turning off your radio, crack open the window to get some fresh air and let your mind wander.

If you’re not a morning person, and you’re able to, try taking an afternoon shower. Instead of rushing through the routine of washing, try spending a few extra minutes to lather in your shampoo and observe if you have any epiphanies.

I’ve found being in my sweet spot to be rewarding. Not only is a time to ideate but often I find solutions to problems I’ve been mulling over.

Life is busy and there are so many distractions that we run into everyday. My sweet spot is a time where I can be free of distractions and think.

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