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Written on May 16, 2019

On a day-to-day basis I use a lot of apps to stay productive and do the work that I do. Apps that have been made by real people, most of which don’t get the credit for the amount of value that their work brings to my life. So this is my way of saying thank you to all the designers, developers and makers for their apps that bring value to my life.

Junegunn Choi

  • vim-plug - A minimalist Vim plugin manager. Super easy to setup and easy to use.
  • goyo - I enjoy writing in Vim since it’s minimal and gets out of my way and lets me focus on the task of writing. Goyo provides an environment within Vim that lets me focus even more.

Ngoc Luu

  • 1Writer - I write in markdown and I enjoy writing on my iPhone/iPad. When I do, I do it in 1Writer. With its seamless Dropbox integration, I can write whenever and wherever.

Anders Borum

  • Working Copy - My site, Spell It Out and many of my other projects are all versioned using git. Being able to have access to my code and push up updates from my phone has been a phenomenal experience.

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