The Other Hand

Written on October 16, 2014

I first came across Ryan Hamrick’s video of him handlettering with his non-dominant hand on Dribbble. It’s pretty amazing what he accomplished with his other hand.

Here’s a video of it from Instagram:

After watching the video, I immediately thought of Zoolander and his whole ambiturner disability. But once I got passed that and started to read the comments about the video. One person mentioned how this was an exercise that they did in school.

In one point of my life, I was actually in art school and remember being challenged by some of my instructors to do the exact same thing. Switch your drawing utensils from your dominant hand to the other — non-dominant — hand and continue drawing. We were sometimes challenged to flip our drawing around 180 degrees and draw it upside down.

What these sort of exercises did was open up how we thought and not worry so much about the technical aspect but be more expressive and free in our creativity.

So today, after watching Ryan’s video. I will swap hands and use my utensil — a mouse — to be used in my other hand.

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