Tiny wins every day

Written on July 9, 2017

Whether it’s learning something new, building something or writing, if I don’t feel like I’m making progress, I get a little sad.

More than how much I can get done on any given day, I think it’s the consistent progression of progress that keeps me happy.

My cure has been to make a little progress, a tiny win every single day to help fight this feeling of sadness.

This means if I’m working on my book, I sit down and actually write a paragraph, not just think about it. But butt in chair, fingers on keyboard, typing away. Every, single day.

Between being a husband, dad and work and simply resting, it can be tough to do this everyday. So I am lenient, but I do my best to commit a small chunk of time to make progress.

I also find it a lot easier to have a rhythm of learning or working on something everyday, instead of trying to take a chunk of hours in the evenings or weekends of uninterrupted focus. It’s possible, but harder to achieve then carving out at least an hour each day, every day.

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