Baking in empathy

Written by Michael Lee on April 29, 2017

It finally happened, I lost all my hearts in TinyWins and for some reason, I forgot to hit continue to replenish my hearts and TinyWins did what it was programmed to do…delete all of my tasks :sob:.

My lost hearts and lost tasks :(

Now I’m feeling a little demoralized looking at a blank task list because I’m frustrated I didn’t hit continue quick enough and I’m frustrated that I let so many days pass by where I didn’t mark off something in TinyWins.

I could obviously run a few commands and make the tasks come back but that would defeat the whole purpose of TinyWins. The system was designed to do this. It rewards you for staying diligent and it punishes you for not staying diligent. It is just kind of funny that as the maker of TinyWins, I’m finally faced with the system that I had built.

Any who, now it’s got me thinking as a user. As a user who might be experiencing the same exact feelings I’m feeling right now. Where maybe for some reason they lost all their hearts and are faced with the demoralizing blank task list like I have. How could I help them get back on the path to being productive again?

I thought it about it for a moment, and decided to sprinkle in a little empathy. Instead of showing a completely blank list, I’ve decided to have a pre-filled task to first say sorry and then to help them get back on their path to productivity.

It's ok that you lost all your tasks, want to help you get going

So now when losing all your hearts and you don’t replenish them, you’ll be presented with this task.

This article was originally published at TinyWins.

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