I failed on a live Twitch broadcast

Written on February 29, 2016

I’ve been experimenting with live coding on Twitch. Twitch is primarily a platform for gamers, but I’ve heard and seen more creative folks use Twitch as a platform to share their craft. Such as the rad illustrator extraordinaire, Rogie King.

Video alone is a new medium for me, let alone live streaming, so I’m still ironing out all the details and the setup that goes to properly do a good stream session. Tonight was my second time broadcasting live through Twitch and I kind of failed at it.

While the video broadcast was setup correctly, I actually didn’t properly setup the audio input for my mic in Open Broadcaster Software. Meaning there was a lot of moments in the video where I was just sitting there chatting away in the broadcast and folks heard nothing.

I had Twitch also record the video, so that I could have an archive of sessions for folks who don’t catch me live. I deleted the video thinking it was useless since there were parts where nothing is happening in the video and it was silent. Which was because I forgot the darn audio.

Immediately after deleting the video though, I kind of wished I didn’t delete the video, because it was an example of failing and I don’t think fails and blunders are openly shared online enough. I’m far from perfect and make mistakes, tonight was a good example of that. I shouldn’t have hidden that mistake, by deleting the video. I should’ve kept it online and accepted that I make mistakes and failure is part of the process. As long as I’m learning from the mistake, I’m actually moving forward.

If you like to see me make more mistakes online in my adventures into live streaming some coding sessions, join me on Twitch by subscribing to michaelsoolee. You’ll be notified when I’m online and live streaming my next session.

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