Typing vs writing

Written on April 29, 2024

I am much faster at typing than writing.

I type copious notes in Obsidian on my Macbook and iPhone for my Second Brain.

But I also enjoy writing. Especially on the iPad with the Pencil.

Both methods are used to capture information, but I’m realizing that each method has their specific use cases.

For example typing for me is capturing and storing information. When I’m listening to someone speak live or listening to an audiobook. I need to be able to capture quickly and for this reason, I choose to type.

My handwriting gets worse the quicker I need to capture. So writing as a form of capturing quickly presented information is horrible for me.

I use writing for exploring. Something about a writing utensil in hand and the act of moving around my hand on a surface allows my mind to explore ideas and quickly go through iterations of ideas.

While I enjoy this sort of capture, the information captured in writing is only but a temporary state for me. Once I’ve explored ideas freeformingly, I’d likely recapture them in Obsidian. Since Obsidian is where my long-living information lives.

Writing is a place for me to process thoughts, but typing is used to store my thoughts.

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