Just use what you got

Written on April 17, 2017

Bowl of soup with a kid's spoon

This afternoon when I prepared myself a bowl of my wife’s awesome, seafood soup, I opened our silverware drawer and didn’t see any spoons.

Without really thinking I grabbed one of my kids’ spoons, sat down to eat and took the photo above. Why? Because it reminded me that often, people don’t care about how you made something, they only care about what you made. Just like my stomach doesn’t care how the soup would get in there, it just cares that the food gets there.

:raising_hand: I’m definitely guilty of doing this many times in the past. I get a cool idea, decide to make it, then get caught up on what tools I should use to make it. This often leads to too much time spent on research which then leads to a loss of motivation. Instead, I should just take a moment to assess what I’ve already got and just get going. After all, the process of actually making and putting the end result out into the world is more rewarding then researching and acquiring the “right” tools.

My brain thought it was a silly idea that I used my kids’ spoon but my stomach could care less. It’s full and it is happy.

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