What's old is new

Written on August 16, 2020

Over the weekend my kids and I watched the original Alice in Wonderland movie.

What was fascinating to me is that my kids enjoyed the movie a lot and didn’t mention anything about the movie not being in 3D.

Nowadays 3D seems to be the norm and all the shows my kids are growing up with are in 3D. But thanks to Disney+ and their archive of all the classics that I grew up with, my family and I are able to watch the classic 2D movies together.

I’m curious to see if my kids perceive 2D as old. Or if it’s a “new” medium to them?

I remember when I first watched Toy Story in the movie theater. I was amazed at what technology was able to achieve. That there was a new medium that gave new “depth” to these movies.

I wonder if that same wonder is what my kids experience when they watch 2D movies.

Even for myself when I watch these 2D movies, I’m amazed at what the animators were able to achieve. Some of my favorite movies are Tarzan, Lilo and Stitch and the Emperor’s New Groove, all of which were made in 2D.

Or perhaps the medium doesn’t matter. If a story is told well and it captivates you, the medium that’s used to tell the story simply disappears.

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