Freelancing? Tell somebody.

Written on June 21, 2017

Perhaps it’s due to being an introvert, but I always found it hard to share my projects and that I’m freelancing.

There really is no reason not to share.

There is however reasons to share.

It’s how I was able to get my long term contract that I’ve been currently working on for the past three years and it’s how I got my current contract since starting to do more freelancing outside of my regular gig.

I simply shared with friends that I was freelancing, and they would respond that they needed some programming done. I’m not going to lie, their response usually came a little later. But it at least planted the seed in their mind, that if they have a project or a need, that I’m available to do the work.

I didn’t have to cold-email or do any crazy networking, I just shared with friends while having conversations with them, that I was freelancing.

Which made me realize, if you don’t share what you’re doing with others, you really have no reason to be upset folks aren’t supporting what you’re doing. Whether it’s a business, freelancing or an app that you’ve made, if you don’t share it with folks, people will not know about it.

Have you decided you wanted to do some freelancing? Next time you grab lunch with a friend, tell her about it. Building a new business? Share it on Facebook. Writing a book or building an app? Blog about it and tell your mom, your schoolmates, your friends.

You’ll never know where the next opportunity will come from, but it’s better than not having one. Tell somebody.

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