Real time

Written on August 31, 2018

There’s so much that happens in real time that I don’t capture.

I know it’s impossible to catch everything, but I wish I did a better job in capturing things in real time. Twitter sort of acts as a way to capture things in real time but it’s on some one else’s platform and not my own.

I guess I need to do better capturing things in real time and publishing it on my site. After all, my site serves as a personal journal of mine.

I’ve admired Jonnie Hallman’s earlier journal entries of Cushion, where he’d share about engineering decisions that went into the building of Cushion. I’m currently building a project out and I feel like I’m building it in a vacuum instead of sharing about it.

Perhaps I’ll set a 30 minute block each day to take the time to share what’s happening to make sure I capture real time a little better.

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