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Hey hey! I’m Michael Lee.

A husband + dad from North Carolina.

I’m a software engineering manager.

I have worked over 10 years in the tech industry at various companies—I Will Teach You To Be Rich, a custom software agency, ReverbNation, NC State University, EMR health record company, CloudBees—across many different roles (yup, kind of a nerd 🤓).

What do you write about on this site?

If I’m being honest, I write about things that interests me. And perhaps you’ll find them interesting as well.

If you’re curious about what my writing is like, here are some posts around topics that I cover on this site:

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You geek out about technology and you like to write, but what else?

I enjoy drinking black coffee ☕️, eating pizza 🍕 and reading 📖. When I can do all three in a single day, my day feels pretty complete.

On my free time, I’m usually,

  • watching Korean drama with my wife
  • catching lizards, bugs or fish and talking about Pokémon Minecraft with my son
  • dancing around to Idina Menzel or BTS Taylor Swift with my daughters
  • trying to keep my lawn from dying or pulling out weeds

I also make things,

Stille, a plugin for the Obsidian text editor that helps you focus.

Soomda, quickly hide your sidebars in Obsidian.

Math worksheets generator, a way to quickly generate addition, subtraction, multiplication and division worksheets.

Research Triangle Jobs, a job board for technology jobs located around Research Triangle in North Carolina.

Spell It Out, spelling out acronyms from the technology industry.

You seem like a cool person, where can I connect with you?

Well, best place to connect with me is honestly through my newsletter. By signing up, you get an email from me. If you ever want to chat, all you have to do is hit reply.

The other place I’m usually hanging out is on Mastodon. I share more real-time thoughts and giving folks virtual high-fives by smashing that like button 🥳. Let’s connect on Mastodon.